2020 Affect

In my studio, I am scheduled to work on art about the Advent season for a fall exhibition, and I am starting some


I didn’t think I would make art specific to the coronavirus, but after making over 300 masks, I was struck by

Making Progress 2020

Making progress in the studio during “shelter-in”. I finished my commission of the Hofstra grandkids. I

Coronavirus time

Sheltering in the studio has been good for me. It has helped me complete some work, and making art has helped to

2020 Commissions

I am busy painting to finish up two pieces before turning back to my black paintings with solo figures. I have a

Closing out 2019

It was a busy year with my new nonprofit for the arts – Christos Collective. Not much studio time, but I plan

Ending 2018 In Studio

It has been a busy year in my new studio and with all the traveling abroad. I finished up three large paintings

2018 Spring Cleaning

I am done casting the doves and will now start a month of sanding them before firing. I have also completed the


It’s that time again to cast out 100 blessings doves in preparation for a trip to India this summer. I am also