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Craig Hospital Veterans Drawing

Through the Art Students League of Denver I was offered an opportunity to teach a drawing class to OTF Veterans from Craig Hospital. It was a fun and empowering event. Drawing provides a release to remove one self for their surrounding and to fully immerse one’s focus on an innate object to interpret. These few escape moments can be very cathartic.


India Study Abroad CSU

June 2018
I took several Colorado State University LEAP Art Entrepreneur students to India for an Arts Collaboration Project with local NGOs for social advocacy addressing equality and inclusiveness. It was an amazing team of arts leaders! We made murals, collages, and installations for public intervention and dialogue for social change while visiting many support centers, schools and advocacy groups taking from Mumbai to Pune and villages to the south.


Mask Making Workshop - alcohol addition

I was the creator and leader of a mask-making workshop for survivors of alcohol addiction.
Before and After masks were created to express individual stories of recovery.


Olot Spain Art in the Park

How the Magic of Art brings people together.

My experience participating in the local Olot Fir del Dibuix was amazing! I chose to create a large Land Art installation in the park using indigenous matter. I squared off a composition space then collected small pieces of nature and discarded debris. I spontaneously assembled various elements into forms that synchronized into a beautiful pattern of nature overcoming human litter. Within minutes, the curiosity of the neighborhood children brought them to my side, and they quickly joined in the art-making with enthusiasm. Although I do not speak Catalan, a smile and a little encouragement removed the language barrier, and we became working teams, including a late contribution from an art student from the Escolar d’Art ad’ Olot. I loved the playful nature of the participants and the high regard for my art. The final work of art was stupendous, illustrating the universal love of nature,beauty and community.


Kansas City Spirit Weaving

A summer exhibition in Kansas City for an Art Walk Outreach. Spirit weaving is loam weaving of discarded trash bags to create blanket for the homeless.


Woman's TGP Homeless Canvas

Collage 36″x64″

Artwork created by homeless women at The Gathering Place Denver under my direction to express their plight for an exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Denver.




An Artist-in-Residencer at a new cultural art center in Casa Blanca, Morocco led to teaching young adult Muslims to draw hands, up-cylcle trash for a conversation piece, and doing children’s art at an orphanage.



A 2010 summer trip to Juarez, Mexico with 7 college students and 4 artist colleagues to “beautify the barrio” project. We worked with hundreds of children on art projects day in and day out at a roughed out compound waiting to develop into a community center. As artist we collected trash and transformed it into art. With the children we engaged in various art projects for their adventures. In culmination, we painted a “mural of hope” at the local rehab center.