Sandra Jean Ceas

Sandra Jean Ceas

Sandra Jean Ceas was born Sandra Jean Raymond on April 26, 1951 in the state of Rhode Island.

After experiencing a successful career as a Fashion Designer, Product Developer, Corporate Consultant, and Educator, Sandra eventually turned to Fine Arts. From 2002 to 2012 she added to her AAS Fashion Institute of Technology Fashion Degree a BFA in Sculpture from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD), a MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute, and a MA in Religious Studies from the University of Denver.

Today, Sandra has a Colorado home/art studio and teaches at various colleges as an adjunct professor. Her art practice engages a socio-political point of view with a multi-genre approach that includes public intervention, installation, photography, painting and mixed media. Ceas travels the globe surveying opportunities to use art as a means for discourse, especially where religious tension resides. The motive behind her work is to raise consciousness for justice and peace, often juxtaposing incongruities for visual impact.

Ceas has twenty plus years of exhibition history including international exposure and thirty plus years of teaching and speaking at various public venues to included conferences, college campuses, U.S. military exhibitions, and creative and spiritual retreats. Her topics have continually engaged art and spirituality.

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Thoughts from the Artist

  • Beliefs

    A ‘calling’ is the most satisfying form of work because, as gratification, it is done for its own sake rather than for the material benefits it brings. I have been called to make art that expresses the knowledge, wisdom and love of God. I believe art is a language that God desires to reclaim.

  • At a Glance

    As the color faded from the hair on my head, a new crown of silver glory dominated and displayed the years of experience and wisdom that I had obtained through the adversities of my life. This new iridescence symbolized the clarity in which I now view and interpret life. I use a variety of materials that are processed into sculptural entities with the “processing” predominantly embedding the content.

  • Artist Statement

    Two heritages inspire my art, my maternal and my spiritual. Through various mediums and format, I assemble compositions expressing observations and concerns about tensions in socio-political relationships, inter-personally and intra-personally, oscillating between soul searching and fostering communal solidarity. The spirit of my art is empathy and compassion toward restoration of justice and peace. The aim of my art is social consciousness, discourse and truth. Like a nomad, I travel and immerse myself in new cultures to photograph, up-cycle, gift, intervene, and document.