Going Home

pan pastel on paper 56″x40″

Isaac & Haley

15″x15″ Charcoal on paper


This is a drawing of a close up of salt crystals. Just as a “pinch” of salt can alter flavor, a

Beauty for Ashes

This is a piece I entered in a call for art in London at the Royal Academy on Climate. It is ink, gold leaf, and


Charcoal on paper 20″x20″


Pastel on paper 18″x20″

Marrakesh Dove Lady

Graphite drawing of an old woman in Marrakesh, Africa holding a Blessing Dove.

Assisi Child

Graphite of a small child playing with a hula hoop in the town center of Assisi, Italy.

Perugia Couple

Graphite drawing of a couple in Perugia, Italy attending a festival.

Venice Madonna

Graphite drawing of woman nursing her baby on a river boat in Venice, Italy.

Eyes of Jerusalem #2

This is a graphite drawing with watercolor illustrating the sad tension between Israel and Palestine.

Peace Maker

This is a graphite drawing on paper of two brothers and I as children visiting an elephant at the zoo. In the