Listen Carefully

Stippled holes on paper 18″x18″


A performance/word sound piece that begins in the darkness.  A candle, which has been placed on top of a glass jar


Recordings are made of various statements, Scriptures, and thoughts. The soundwaves of the recording are captured


A large postcard submission to VSA exhibition. The card was cut into small strips and re-woven to illustrate the


Blessing Dove perched in a finely sanded plank of wood, stained and waxed. Donated to the BMOCA auction.

Dove in Greenleaf

Blessing Dove in wall plaque donated to the Rochester Museum of Contemporary Art auction.


A mirror etching of a medieval dove in pattern.


Nude photos documenting me at 55 years of age contemplating the speed of my life.

Vibration Benches

All weather benches designed to interact with one or more benches to form various community sittings in a park.