2016 Self Portrait

Oil on linen, 30″x24″

Decision Circle

Oil on Linen, 18″x18″ – SOLD

Jerusalem Red Girl

oil on canvas 10″x17″

Rome Prayer Lady

Oil on canvas   10″x17″

Return to Me

Oil on canvas 34″x57″ White on White – SOLD

One Messiah

This is a white on white acrylic painting of text lettering connecting the one spirit of humanity. – SOLD

Dead Sea

1’x4.5’ oil on canvas of the Dead Sea horizon in Israel at dusk. – SOLD


30”x 70” oil on panel of the forces of centering.

In the Name of Love

I consider this a wall installation of an oil painted canvas which has had several feet of its composition unwoven


Oil on a de-weaved canvas.  Single cross grain threads were released and retained on a spine of thread in the