1Black-DestiniesI finished my drawings and sent them out for exhibition. It has been a good showing year. I have also started a painting series that has a working title of “dark destinies.” I continue to work the flag and uniform shredding on World Order; it appears to reaching culmination. I completed two large social commentary pieces, both presently exhibiting in Colorado. Slowly, but continually, the limited edition doves are being painted. Boston is next. I continue to produce work for Artnauts, and I have started a new painting series of white on white. Oh, and my husband gave me a great wasp nest that I am excited about turning it into art! Yes, a busy studio year. I haven’t traveled as much this year. There were many family obligations keeping me close to home, so the street intervention projects were on hold. Not sure what 2015 holds, but hopefully completion of many of the works in progress.