acrylic on canvas, 2021, 36”60”, This piece represents the Chibok school girls that were rescued from the Boko

526 Seconds

“526 seems like such a large number. In dollars, it would be a nice little windfall. In days it would almost be two


Wheat pasted digital image taken in refugee camp in Bethlehem. Discarded stages a mini replica of a mosaic image on


Palingenesis – Resilient Regeneration and Rebirth Palingenesia is a theory of rebirth or recreation used in

South Africa Zeitgeist: ((Echo))

Manipulated digital photo of sculpture piece, 8.5×11 inches

South Africa Zeitgeist: Bumbledom

Colored rubber bands and staples, 8.5×11 inches

Palestine Art & Resistance: Silent Eyes

Digital photo transfer to cheese cloth, 8.5×11 inches

Bosnia Soul Drift: Ready

Digital photo transfer to aluminum 8.5×11 inches

Bosnia Peace: Within Reach

Digital photo transfer to rice paper, 8.5×11 inches

My Personal Diaspora

Digital collage transfer to paper text 9″x11″

Untitled Order

This work of art took eight years to make.  Filler threads were removed from a United States flag and military