Bring Back Our Girls: The story of artist Sandra Ceas’ rendition of the Chibok abductions – Visit link below to review the sale and presentation of this work of art.


Lincoln  Center – Fort Collins, Colorado


A call to action for artists all around the country with the idea that artists challenge us to see the world in new ways, providing insights into our times and our lives. Guest Juror was Ivar Zeile. the owner/director of contemporary Plus Gallery in Denver, and Jack Curfman was the Exhibition Designer.

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Inspired by Gauguin, I developed a literal interpretation of his piece with contemporary imaging to highlight the continuity of his concern from generation to generation and cross culturally. Each drawing is from my observation of people in various parts of the world. The nursing mother was in Venice, the child with hula-hoop in Assisi, the couple in Perugia and the old woman with dove in Marrakesh. Gauguin’s questions of life continue on.

AU Pantheon

Pantheon Floor

How Can a Ghost Bleed

Show Catalog : We Have on This Earth what Makes Life Worth Living



I consider myself an eclectic artist without genre specificity who surveys what is present and what is absent to discover the underlying spiritual force of humanity that lies like a specter between the two states of being.


Bring Back Our Girls: The story of artist Sandra Ceas’ rendition of the Chibok abductions Lois and Bill Grove with

Athena Truth & Perception Project

2015 Athena Project Arts Festival March 20-April 5, 2015 Aurora

Mother Artists

Covenant College – Mother Artists Exhibition: A group show of artists who developed their practice while

Culture Citizen

This exhibition reconsiders notions of entitlement and ownership of cultural citizenship. It asks: How does one

AU Pantheon The restoration work being carried out on the Pantheon is one of largest projects in

Italy – International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2013

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