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I am the Founder and CEO of:
Christos Collective – a new 2019 nonprofit organization established to set apart artists of Christian faith who offer their talents to the public in exhibition, educational panel discussions, and community engagement projects.

Sandy’s Student Studio 

SSS pic on SJC

Fall 2020 we will be meeting online with Zoom and Live Streaming Demos

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MY ART on elevator door at CULTURAL CENTER CAPE COD!

Sandra Ceas 01

My latest works of art:                          HUMANITY

Humanity finished

“When I think of the tiny word, “one,” I am impressed by its power and inclusivity. Although it refers to a single unit, it also encapsulates the unity of all. This work of art, “Humanity” has been in the studio of my mind for years, as I collected pieces of wood from around the world that inherently bore a unique tone indigenous to its origin, just like each one of us. I came to associate the various grains to be reflective of humanity’s array of skin tones. Poetically I played with the concept of an inclusive human race, and crafted this work of art to speak to my desire for all God’s pallet of people to be part of the “one” true family. I believe in the beauty of this portrayal and I pray for it’s reality.”
1 Corinthians 12:12
We were all baptized by one Spirit into one body, and we were all given the one Spirit to drink.


526 Seconds

“526 seems like such a large number. In dollars, it would be a nice little windfall. In days it would almost be two years. In seconds it is enough time to take one’s breath away and pass on to the afterlife. That’s what happened to George Floyd. Eight minutes and forty-six seconds under the knee of oppression equals 526 seconds of breathing before it comes to an end. This event flashed around the world, taking our breath away to contemplate, “How have we come to this?” As an artist, I needed time to reflect and pray. In response, I decided to knit. I gathered sheep wool in all shades of human flesh, cast on 526 stitches, and knitted until all the yarn was depleted. My needles choked as each stitch transferred from one to another, causing my hands to struggle to control the onslaught of tension. It was like inhaling without exhale, until the last stitch cast off of the needles. Then the unknown entity escaped like a long exhale of breath far beyond expectations, like a fragile declaration at peace. All I could humbly do was gather it up and display the latent story in a lyrical stance for your personal experience based on this tragic event. God’s knitting of humanity includes each and every one of us with a call to love one another as a sign of one in Christ. How dare we think any differently.”

Both showing NOW at Denver Seminary Bridge Gallery August 2020 – 526 Seconds feature on the University of Denver’s Pioneering in Place festival.

“Expired” – oil on linen – 33’x14″
“Grandma” – oil on linen – 17″x10″
“Howl” – oil on linen – 23″x14″

Covid 3 WS SJC

NEW ART: My first attempt at soft pan pastels – Shield of Faith – 40″x26″ – FINALIST in International Engage Arts Contest

Ceas_Veiled in the Spirit


2019 painting He Lives – 34″x57″ oil on linen

Exhibiting at Sparrow Gallery Sacramento California 2020

He Lives

Redeemed – Shredded canvas  & Reconciliation – oil on linen, 57″x34″


See all 2019 Easter Street Art pics in Portfolio – Public Interventions!





Through the Art Students League of Denver I was offered an opportunity to teach a drawing class to OTF Veterans from Craig Hospital. It was a fun and empowering event. Drawing provides a release to remove one self for their surrounding and to fully immerse one’s focus on an innate object to interpret. These few escape moments can be very cathartic.




July 2018
#Untitled Order exhibits again with its haunting narrative.
This time in my birth state at the Providence Art Club in Rhode Island.
This artwork began with the concern for human sacrifice and the struggle with convoluted war funding. In my studio I had been shredding canvases for other themed work and I decided to move this practice over to working out this dilemma. It took years to remove the threads in this piece, representing the endurance and willingness of mankind to stand for his country as the country weeps for its losses. This work has exhibited with the US Military repeatedly with works of art expressing the deep emotions related to war and a soldier’s journey through it.


June 2018
I took several Colorado State University LEAP Art Entrepreneur students to India for an Arts Collaboration Project with local NGOs for social advocacy addressing equality and inclusiveness. It was an amazing team of arts leaders! See more pics in Community Art section of Portfolio.


Visit Neem Foundation to see support efforts.
Bring Back Our Girls: The story of artist Sandra Ceas’ rendition of the Chibok abductions – Visit link below to review the sale and presentation of this work of art.



Land Art in the Park for Olot,
Spain’s Fir del Dibuix
(Art Fair) 2017
Constructed from all indigenous materials available in the park.

Faber Residency Art in the Park


New “White on White” art exhibiting across the states at various galleries in 2017. WHITE HORSE and TEXT ART pieces ARE SOLD!



2017 Paintings – Black ground series
Topic: Refugees
Exhibited at Artwork Network Gallery on Santa Fe Drive, Denver and the Denver State Capital.


Palingenesis – Resilient Regeneration and Rebirth
Exhibited at Red Line in Denver 2017 , CO, 2018 Salina Art Center in Kansas at the Rocky Mountain Biennial
Presently being proposed to exhibit at the new Palestine Museum in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

Palingenesia is a theory of rebirth or recreation used in various contexts in philosophy, theology, politics and biology. I chose to use this concept in my art to illustrate the condition of surpassed hope that I witnessed during two visits to Palestine. The stratified conditions of living, due to the occupation of Israel on Palestinian land, has created an injustice and an elusive hope for peace and sustainability in the region.
The 194 pairs of shoes in this piece represent the people of the land, in all its diversity. The number 194 reflects the non-binding, ineffective 1948 UN Resolution 194 stating, “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date…” The olive tree seedlings in each shoe embodies hope in its genesis state. Cultivating an olive tree seed takes much time, devotion and persistence, as does the rebirth or re-creation of a nation. The olive tree is sacred to the inhabitants of Palestine. It is a hardy resistant plant with a robust root system capable of regenerating itself even when destroyed. The olive branch is a symbol of peace, power, fertility and purity.
The viewing public is invited to take one of the packaged seedlings to nurture in their homes as a sign of compassion and support towards justice for Palestinians in their homeland. In exchange, please leave a brief statement of your thoughts and/or prayers on this matter

I consider myself an eclectic artist without genre specificity who surveys what is present and what is absent to discover the underlying spiritual force of humanity that lies like a specter between the two states of being.

2020 Sparrow Gallery California

4th Annual Trinity Episcopal Church National Juried Exhibition It is the mission of the Trinity Cathedral Christian

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2020 St. Andrew Gallery

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