Widow’s Mite

This wall sculpture is crafted from rolled pages of Scripture assembled in the form of a star. At the center is a

526 Seconds #2

“526 seems like such a large number. In dollars, it would be a nice little windfall. In days it would almost be two


Alabaster stone carving 14”x12”x8”


Plaster carving 7”x7”x7”

I Love You

Fired earthenware and stained to look like bronze. American Sign Language for I Love You.  Life size.


Large walnut wood ring carving, 50”x48”x16”


Large walnut wood ring with large ceramic sphere and two oak carved doves.

The Word

Pages from a book were slip cast in clay and fired away to leave a thin layer of porcelain.  The pages are gathered

Luke’s Garden

Glazed clay flowers attached to clear Plexi-glass tubes in a wooden base that are wired to light the crowns of the