Closing out 2019

It was a busy year with my new nonprofit for the arts – Christos Collective. Not much studio time, but I plan

Ending 2018 In Studio

It has been a busy year in my new studio and with all the traveling abroad. I finished up three large paintings

2018 Spring Cleaning

I am done casting the doves and will now start a month of sanding them before firing. I have also completed the


It’s that time again to cast out 100 blessings doves in preparation for a trip to India this summer. I am also

Painting & Painting to finish out 2017

I am working on paintings for the Christos Collective for exhibition in early 2018. Two on “the Cross”

October 2017 New Studio!

Finally got moved into our new home and got the studio wired up and ready to roll. I have multiple projects on the

April 2017 Shift

All show painting are done! I am now preparing to move my studio this summer so I’ll focus on smaller

2017 has started!

Got a deadline … Got to finish this piece!

Preparing for 2017

Not much traveling in 2016, more local exhibitions, check them out in the events section. My goal for 2017 is

2016 painting now

Yes, 2015 was a busy art practice year with local exhibitions and the continuation of my art traveling for military

Ending 2014 – A long year

I finished my drawings and sent them out for exhibition. It has been a good showing year. I have also started a

Return From Italy -2013

I have returned from my AIR in Italy and I have cleaned and set up my studio for the next round of work. I’ve