Letter to my Father

Floor Installation for Message to Mother project addressing alcohol and drug addition. View letter.


Palingenesis – Resilient Regeneration and Rebirth Palingenesia is a theory of rebirth or recreation used in

Untitled Order

This work of art took eight years to make.  Filler threads were removed from a United States flag and military

Homeland Doors #2

  This piece represents a visual dialog around the conflicts of humanity in the Middle East between the

Testimony Tree

A wall installation 10” x 12” x 8”. A large piece of remnant maple wood has been sewn together with jute rope and

Time Heals

      An installation of seven coil built glazed ceramic vessels, which are suspended from the

I Hear You Calling

A ceiling to floor (can be arranged in other configurations), 96 slip cast glazed ceramic balls suspended from the


A wall installation of three different colored velvet dresses with wooden hangers that are hung from large railroad

Rude Morocco

This is a small room installation of my experience in Morocco, North Africa. The exterior of the room is framed

What If?

A room installation of a typewriter on a Plexi-glass pedestal.  The old Remington was unassembled and painted white

Soul Searching

An installation of large hanging Plexi-glass panels that have etched female figures walking in a trance. The panels